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V's Cafe on 7th Promotions

Grill’n On The Corner

Wednesday May 10th   11am-2pm

               Mushroom and Swiss Burger       $6

               Grilled Chicken                                $6

               Rib Eye Sandwich                            $7

               Roasted Vegetables                        $2

               Saratoga Chips *Included with Sandwich

               Soft Drinks, Water, Tea                  $1

The Coffee Club

Purchase a V’s Coffee Mug for $5.00 and get it filled each time you come in for only $1.00.
Look for Special Promotions such as FREE FILL FRIDAYS!!!

Early Bird Discount

Start your lunch hour a little early and save some of your hard earned money. Come into V’s Cafe on 7th between 10:45am – 11:30am and receive 10% discount off of your lunch.

(Available Monday through Friday; dine in orders only. Not available to use with other offers.)